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It's funny how my hearts keeps on hurting itself for the same person. Literally i cried for 3 days after what he said to me and it hurts like hell. I cried in the shower, I cried when I sleep, I even cried when I woke up, i cried when i walked to koop to buy foods for sahur. I cried every time.

 But he doesn't even bother me or even notice my depression. This things bother me and I tried busy myself with stuffs like made my bed, washing all my clothes, walk around campus, listen to music. Somehow everything is related to him. And I'll start crying, again. Why? Why? Why? Why he have to show me all this and why am I even botherrrrr when he doesn't even give a single damnnnnnn gosh i hate myself for being this way. I feel so weak and hopeless. Kita "kawan rapat" really hits me hard. Like every time I remember it, I'll cry the shit out of me. But nah, you don't know how much i've cried because of you and still you act like everything's okay and under your control, you don't know that, everything you posted on the social media, makes me so curious about you, and makes me feel "who r u" day by day. It's like you're a stranger and the new person. But somehow I can't do the same things you did, because I can't hurt the person i love  and care so much in my life, but you can. It's just that i need to be vanish out of your life like the mermaid becomes bubble for the sake of her prince. You make me sad every day now. Like every day. And I can't let this controls me. I'm strong as i always be and I can't let you bring me down. I'll go out of your life

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