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Hi assalamualaikum : )

 I'm so bored. I quit my job because it was like,,, too much pressure. Imagine, sometimes, i have to work for 12 hours 5 times a week, if there's  not enough staff. And the work is sooo tiring. So i quit! 

Now, i'm stuck at home, doing nothing. I watch "Bake with Anna Olson" EVERYDAY since she bakes sooooooo beautifully and i watch "British Bake Off" every morning. All these cooking shows really makes me hungry. But however it never inspired me to bake, i'm a lazy ass. Okay enough.

What i'm about to say is that,,, I can't wait to enter my next level of life : 


i got Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah. I KNOW RIGHT. But I don't want to enter Matrikulasi because i have larger dreams besides matriks...

I wanna go UIA... Architecture. I don't know since when I'm into archi, because all i think off before is dentistry, medic.. Tesl'a great too but I'm not capable of being an educator. I'm more to drawings... Perspectives... I really hope and wish my dreams would come true. I mean, who knows right, my work would be as famous as Zaha Hadid, a famous architect that designed skycrapers elegant, shiny, prestige... 

I'm working on my drawings.. But still drawing buildings with perspective aren't easy. It needs patience and yeah I'm looking for it... YouTube is my teacher ahaks. Nope, I don't go to drawing class as I can't really afford myself. I got lot of time at home since I'm unemployed. So,, 

That's all I guess. To those whose reading this post, wish me luck :D 


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