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Assalamualaikum, phew it"s been a very long time since I've updated my last post. LOL. I must've been saying to myself, why do I even have a blog when I'm not updating it like other bloggers. Not my intention to become a blogger since I made blog just for fun.

Alright, many things happened in my life. ESPECIALLY in 2016!!! 
Should I tell here...? Yes.....No......? Who knew right, shit happened and my life blooms back! Awesome isn't it? Okay wanna tell you some serious shit here. I am superly highly motivated with vloggers right now! no kidding. Johanis Sani and Cupcake Aisyah etc. but these two ARE . MY . FAVORITE .

They've been travelling and do reviews and shopping and makeups and stuffs and having fun! So I just tell myself, why not... why not you try vlogging?! to be honest, I'm camera shy but why not since I can improve my language wise, boost my confidence about myself (easily insecure, most of the time) and try to do something new! something that might brings me happiness about what I'm doing. yeah no shit I wanna vlog so bad. oh psst, disclaimer : "I'M GONNA START VLOGGING WHEN I TRAVEL AT THE END OF MY FOUNDATION STUDIES"..... disclaimer again : "WITH A NEW VLOGGING CAMERA".... suuuuuuuuperrrr excited. Oh ya, where am I going to travel? Let's just wait and see shall we, don't wanna ruin the surprise don't we geng. yeah yeah "orang travel satu dunia tak bagitau pun lah tak kecoh lah, jemah ja" 

Well, I get superly excited about something so screw it! I wanna tell the world how happy I am!!!! oh ya I have so many things to tell about wonderful things happened to me in 2017. hope it's not too late, of course it's late, March already and now you're gonna some 2017 resolution shit, ya why not. 

1) Alhamdulillah, still got my parents and another joyful year insyaAllah with my very little family. oh lord i love them so much and i've no idea what will I be without them. Like seriously, I'm the only child and they're the only reason i survived and gone through with my life!

2) oh ya this is the part where people are so eager and jemah to know about. He's back. Back in my life. Ain't gonna tell detail bout it but some things should never be changed and it should stays as it should be. aimansyahida ceyyyyyyyyyy ok stahp

3) Got superly great bestfriend whom I hope will stay with me forever through thick and thin. ya her name is Aida and i love her so much. She's..... i don't know how to describe her but she's a ah-may-zing! i've known her since last June and we get closer and closer like we've been known for a very long time. to be honest, I can be myself around her and I'm so lucky we got our each other's back here in UIA even when we got separated when she had to move to KMPP while i'm still in KMK. yeah she'd been through a lot and I'm glad that I got her back. 

4) Beloved roommates! They are the Bomb! imagine going back exhaustedly from class and you just can't wait to meet your very caring and fun roommates. yeah, they are a very great company to keep, not too wild, not too saint, just nice baby just nice. I wish you readers could meet them they're just so fun to be friend with.


 3)Ummi (she's playing role as a witch for theater and I did her makeup      

4) adibah

This my girl, Aida Afrina

Here he is......

 Love of my life

Alright, I think I'll end my blog here. I'll update more soon insyaAllah.

*If you enjoy reading my posts, do comment and let me know if you want me to write more and your opinion about me vlogging....*

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