I had to sleep but... Why not?

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I never know how it feels very good to write when you're stressed out. Like I am now ahah.

It's 12.03 am now. I'm listening to Drunk In Love- Beyonce. Okay, it relate to my previous post. Alright i'll skip it. Oh guess what song pop out? SAME OLD LOVE- SELENA GOMEZ. Alright Joox, you're messing with me. Next please!!

Yeah better song : The hills- The Weeknd. Fits, you know its chorus could shatter the glass if you just turn the max volume in the car. Oh yeah there's a "FRIENDZONE" word in this freaking song. Just great, now all songs related to me then. Hahah. Okay the point is


I want to sleep, but the problem is that I CAN'T CLOSE MY EYES. Darn it. 
Uh, I just watched UNFRIENDED. Just now, like 30 minutes ago. You know the movie where there's a group of friends, skyping then a dead girl they pranked joined their freaking skype and threatened to kill them all.

Well here's my comment. Oh please bored yourself with this boring comment i'm gonna give ya.
This movie had nailed to give goosebumps to me. Like really, but the movie is just a screen of a computer and a bunch of friends skyping. Budget. But the movie got my attention. A ghost who murder? And hacked her own skype account to scare her friends and killed them? Doesn't make sense in real life but the killing scenes and countdown game are serious scary. 

Okay i'm sleepy.. So bye night. I guess i'll write again. Or nah


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