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alright alright calm down..... yeah freaked out with my post title i know. okay here's the story

First of all, getting a new phone wasn't my plan AT ALL. I just want a new camera that is suitable for vlogging, as I said in my previous post (in case you haven't read it yet). BUT>>> my Iphone 5s buat hal pulakkkk........ It just suddenly the screen won't work and I can't pick up the damn calls! ugh I got lot of assignments to do and I need to use my whatsapp and now I'm literally lost because tonight I got makan makan with my study circle group WHICH they have not tell the venue yet, and I'm here lost dont know where will the makan makan is going to happen. I used my roommate's phone to text my mom dad and my boyfriend so that they wouldn't worry about me not online on whatsapp or pick up the phone when they call.

So I texted my mom about my crackhead phone and she said okay hold on with my roommate's phone as long as possible. And my dad called, which I can't pick up the phone. My mom called my roommate and I picked up. She said that I have to come home this weekend either to fix my phone or............ to buy a new phone. I was like, what is thissssssss, should I be happy or....... I DON'T KNOW!! Okay, maybe I should be happy bcus I'm getting a new phone. An Iphone 7 plus! i want a rose gold one cus it's superly beautiful and it pops out the dual camera at the back. But,, if my mom and dad buy me an Iphone 7 plus, then I won't be getting my G7x Mark II. yeah, I'm not that rich to buy both lahhhh, ingat aku kaya sangat ke. "Idzni mintak apa semua dapat". Weh hello, took me 3 years to get a new phone, okay? so stfu.

I got my Iphone 5s when I got 8As for my PMR and that's it no more expensive stuff. oh ya I got ASUS laptop for my SPM as I'm entering University life which gonna use laptop a lotttt. I was really hoping to get a camera for vlogging but Iphone 7 plus instead. InsyaAllah I'm going this weekend to buy the new phone lol, in Penang because I think it's more easier to buy there than in KL.

SO yeah, I'll be update here for anything.... much kisses and hugs bye

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