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So I'd just started a very little business on Carousell. A very little one. I sell some interesting books, too earn some money of course. I'm completely broke. COMPLETELY. So before I enter University at the end of this month or maybe next month, I want to have at least some money in my wallet. 

I created my account on Carousell last night and started selling this morning. Turn out the books that I'm selling are quite demand by many people. I've sold my Enid Blyton books and already earned about RM 37!!!! Happy girl I am. And there's another customer asked about my Eleanor and Park book. So yeah another customer!!!!!! And then a friend of mine interested to buy my Jodoh Itu Milik Kita novel. ANOTHER LOVELY CUSTOMER!!! 

SO, THREE CUSTOMERS IN ONE DAY. Should I sell more stuff besides books? 


There's some bags that I no longer use. Just wanna wait till I finish selling these books then I'll proceed to other stuffs 

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Anonymous said...

I would like to buy some of ur books... So, if I want to buy ur books,, how can I get it from u and how I want to pay u...