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Assalamualaikum :) 
I just want to share something with you guys( especially after SPM students) that certainly will go further studies.

Me and my mom were having breakfast in McD when she started to tell me stories about her experiences when she was studying in university and it totally gives me the chill and I was a bit excited about the story and motivated. Also i have no idea about my SPM result, is it okay? Average? Excellent?! K.O? Everything's depends to Allah now. Okay, lets

My mom studied in UM and she told me a lot of stories about her roomates and her colleagues. She enrolled in TESL and she struggled like hell to achieve 3.75 above every semester. In order to achieve those spectacular grades, she faced a lot of challenges.

1. Devilish-like colleagues
My mother is a perfectionist in her work( back when there's alot of assignments) and she always completed her tasks on time ( definitely not like me). So, she told me that there were this assignment which it was need to be done in group. She was in a group of Malay students. My mother was elected as the group leader. Why? Because these skunks knew that my mother was such a smartass student and tried to take advantage of her. So what happened? These skunks made a lot of mistakes in their work, like grammar errors and stuff, and my mother had stayed up all night to fixed the mistakes or else the grades will also effect hers. So she had to... "There so many people out there, people in your school is just minor" 

2. Selfish people
My mother thought that her group members could lend extra notes, well yeah to get extra credit for sure. So my mother shared her notes that she worked on herself but somehow, the bastards didn't do the same thing that my mother did. They kept the extra notes that they worked on themselves and not sharing those notes so that my mother didn't get extra credit for her assignment. How selfish is that? "Ibu fikir, Lillahitaala je" so she get A's for her assignment just like others. LOL 

So, I got inspired and somehow not ready but excited-not-so-excited to face this new phase of life after 5 years in highschool and make my life a living hell already. I have no idea. Just go with the flow i guess. To my fellow 1998's batch goodluck with the results and may Allah bless us. 


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New Start

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Assalamualaikum :)

It's been like forever. I have never updated this blog since.. I don't know. 5 years ago? Well yeah here I am. There are reasons why I deleted the last posts:
1. Childish
2. Stupid
3. Reckless

Being stupid and reckless were those dumbdays where I used "bahasa rempit" in my texts so it's stupid. There are also reasons why I'm back in blogging after a looonggg time and this blog's getting dustier day by day:
1. I'd just finished highschool (YAY!)
2. I'm bored before 14th Dec (so decided to active in blog)
3. There's so many things to tell ya after 5 years of experiencing highschool

Okay, what's with 14th Dec..? Now, I'm home allllll daayyyy longggg because my mom here's marking for SPM (English paper) and she'll submit all her bloody papers on 14th and 15th Dec. So that's how it goes. Fun isn't it?! I'm updating this bloody post using phone so there'll be no pretty colours and so on. Read my blog if you want to, and do read my blog if you don't want to. Your choice.

I have other blogs too. Please, those blogs i just want to throw in trash but somehow I can't because I can't remember the bloody password. Great isn't it..? So whatever posts in it, beg you don't read 'em. Read this blog. Beg you.

Okay, guess this is my first attempt on writing blog after years. So enjoy reading my next posts yea bye


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