Do you remember?

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I haven't wrote for a very long time because i don't usually hide my feelings to people who are close to me. My mom and... Well, i wish to call him this title but we don't really use "boyfriend" "girlfriend" stuff cus it's childish. So i'll use "SOULMATE" 

Do you remember our first met? 
Hahah it's funny because we were soooooooo freaking young and baby. Hahahah. You're in KPA uniform, standing at the door of my class. Smiling. At me! Hahah. Idk what to respond actually because I don't even know who you were. But that was the ever first time I saw you. 

And my friends started this rumor that there's this guy who looked like TOP (bigbang). LOL. This part. So I searched for this person because i'm a huge fan of TOP. And since then, my friends and I called/ screamed "T.O.P, TOP!!!" Out loud at you whenever you passed by the class or canteen.

Till one day you decided to confront me and asked why on earth we're calling you such names. So I explained and you were like embarrassed and yeah yoi and were closed since then. 

Do you remember every exam finished, we would meet at the stairs in front of everyone and asked "mcm mna exam tadi oiiii" hahah. And do you remember when I didn't have my voice because i'd just joined softball tournament and you were like LOL at me. That's cruel hahah. 

Do you remember when we're in the same class? 
Like i was so nervous every time i had to stand in front of the class to present anything. You're in the first row in the class darn it. 
You're so protective.... Every time people just hate me.. You're always there, supporting me. Give me strength, untill I've become what I am now, strong and dgaf of what people said about me.

Do you remember whenever I want to go school, you're always like so mak nenek and membebel "pakai handsock, tudung labuh, pakai socks, baju labuh" hahah. I miss that. I get annoyed but that's you.

I always make you cry, I cried too.. But that's life.. People come and go. 

I mean, you're like different before.. You're not into stuffs like you are now. I'm not your muse anymore..? 
It hurts when you don't do things you said. But yeah, you're a busy guy I got it. 
Sometimes simple things can be so hurtful even you think you do nothing wrong. 

Do you remember? You bought me a minion. It's so cute.. It can sing too. 

You bought me a ring too.. It was so beautiful.. But I don't wear it for a very long time because it will reminds me of the memories we had. 

Now we're just friends and em all we do is chat like 2 hrs a day and you're offline, i'll offline, chat for a 3 minutes and busy again. And yeah life goes on and there's other priority commitments: study and stuffs.

I think you're very comfortable for the life you have now. Freedom. I'm the one miserable for my mistakes. I have to overcome this misery before I enter college. 

I'm sorry. If I'll treat you like I never have before. If you read this, i'll always keep the promise. Always. 

I'll chase my dream, and you'll chase yours. And i'll meet you at the end of the road. I will. 

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